Don't leave Electricals to change - PAT Testing

Here at Whitehall Electrical our experienced electricians are qualified to carry out Portable Appliance Testing or PAT. This is the testing/ inspection of any electrical appliances used in a work place to ensure nothing is faulty or could cause harm. The appliances could include lamps, kettles, microwaves or any portable computer equipment you may have. Any PAT tests should always be completed by an electrician with years of experience. If you think you need a PAT test carried out in your workplace then please call our staff today to book an appointment.


Who's got Fancy Storage Heaters?


When storage heaters were at the height of their popularity in the 1970s and 1980s they still were seen by many as ugly and not very flexible in their sizing, so putting them in your home was a handful. But as we all know technology has developed considerably over the years, meaning the once ugly storage heaters are a thing of the past. Instead they have been transformed and are now easily and swiftly installed, also coming in a range of sizes. So maybe it’s time to change your night storage heater as electricity prices are constantly rising. Pease if you have any questions please call our staff today.


Calling all Building Contractors!


Are you a Building Contractor or do you manage a portfolio of properties? Are you searching for a reliable electrical company to electrically update an older property, complete the electrical maintenance of your building annually, or carry out electrical checks? Whitehall Electrical Ltd have a team of qualified electricians, who can be called upon throughout the year, to assist with all aspects of electrical work. Whether you are extending a property or adding security lighting to your shop, we can provide the knowledge and expertise to complete the work to the highest standard. Please give us a call today, we would be happy to hear from you.


Get Your Garden Connected!


With the winter now behind us and the summer lurking around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start the plans for your garden. It could be anything ranging from a summer house to a new patio, from decking to a simple little shed in the corner, our team at Whitehall Electrical know that you will need some sort of electrical power to accompany it. Our team can safely install any lights, power points or a pump for your newly built fish pond. We will also tell you how to be safe with the electricity we have put in making sure there will be no bother in the future. So please do not hesitate to give our team a call today!



Need a Bit More Space?


With the May Bank holiday coming up in the next month maybe now is the best time to start to plan the much-needed extension on your property or home? Here at Whitehall Electrical our building services range are extensive so it does not matter whether it is a single or double extension, loft conversion or a conservatory to expand your home we are happy to help. Our team provides expertly trained tradesman and engineers to make sure your project is completed to the highest of standards. So please give us a call to get your project up and running.



Buying A Property?


One of the most important things to check before buying your next home or property is its electrics. According to Electrical Safety First a mere 37% of us check the electrics of a property before moving in! That could mean many faulty electrical circuits and plugs that may cost a fair amount of money to fix. To save you the hassle our fully qualified team at Whitehall Electrical can carry out a full test on your property and supply you with a Test Inspection Report. If you like our services so much we can fix those faulty electrics if any are found. So please give our team a call today.



Common Electrical Accidents in the Home


There are many common electrical accidents in the home that could be prevented on a daily basis. Approximately 40,000 residential fires are caused by faulty electrics, so to ensure this doesn’t happen to you only use a qualified Electrician. We can rewire your house, ensure you have enough sockets, or stop your electrics tripping due to a faulty fuse box, circuit or electrical appliance. No job it too big or too small for our highly qualified teams, always put safety first.


Enough Sockets In Your Home?


Every year, over half of accidental domestic fires in the UK are caused by electricity. Most of these are caused by electrical products, either through misuse or faults. Imagine coming home to see that an overloaded socket has caused a fire, but the accident could have easily been prevented. In many of the older homes that we live in there are not enough sockets to meet our requirements, now that we use a number of different appliances on a daily basis. So, we overload them to the point in which it can be dangerous. Please give our experienced team a call on 07702 678402 so you can make an appointment and we can assess your property for extra sockets including USB integrated units.



Why Not Try Our Building Services?


As well as our team being highly qualified electricians we also provide a range of building services too. No matter if it’s a new or old home or the building is frequently used for commercial reasons, our team know that getting the job done quickly and swiftly is the main priority when completing building work. Plus, we can carry out external building work on fencing and lighting, so the project is fully completed. Got a query or question on the services we have to offer? Give our team a call today!


Delivery Dilemma’s Sorted


The nights are still dark and dreary. Are you fed up of delivery drivers not being able to find your house at night? Well at Whitehall Electrical we could eliminate this problem all together. External lighting for your house name or number sign, driveway lighting, on fencing or gates, you choose. Simply call our friendly staff today and they will advise you on a suitable lighting choice for your home.


Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!


We wish all our customers past, present and future a very Happy Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! In 2018 our dedicated and friendly staff will be pleased to assist you with all aspects of electrical services. No job too big or small, whether you are a domestic or commercial customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss any requirements you have. Whitehall Electrical Limited look forward to serving our customers throughout 2018 . 


Always Use A Registered Electrician For Peace Of Mind!


At Whitehall Electrical Limited all our electricians are timed serviced registered electricians, with many years' experience. We are competitively priced, trustworthy and reliable. Registered electricians must comply with the UK national standard BS7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations). By using a registered electrician, at Whitehall Electrical Limited, you can be sure that all work carried out is to a high standard. Therefore, as a homeowner, landlord or business proprietor, you do not need to deal with building control directly, as an electrician at Whitehall Electrical Limited would provide an Electrical Installation Certificate or a Minor Electrical Certificate, where applicable. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further help and information. 


For All Of Your Electrical Needs - We Have The Team For You!


There is no project too big or small for our experienced team at Whitehall Electrical to undertake! Whether you own a listed property, new build, or an older home, Whitehall Electrical have a large team of tradesmen and trained engineers for any project you require, big or small, we have it covered for you, completing all work to a high standard. Whether its updating the exterior of your property with outside lighting or, a total rewire of your property, please do not hesitate to contact Whitehall Electrical for help and assistance or, why not take a look around our website for further information?


Lighting Ideas


Everyone loves Christmas lights, the colour, shapes, both indoors and outdoors. So why just have great lighting for Christmas, with the right electrical systems you can have inspirational lighting inside your home or in the garden all year round. Mood Creating lighting to enhance your home, lighting up dare nights to make the most of the season. If you would like lighting advice or need extra sockets or external works then please give us a call and let the sparkle of Christmas inspire all year round.


Is Your Fuse Box Up-To-Date? 


Unbelievably fuse boxes are often overlooked when purchasing a property, especially in an older property. It is extremely important you know where to locate the fuse box in your home. If your fuse box has a mixture of fuses, cast iron switches or has a wooden back, it may mean that it dates back to before the 1960s and, therefore, will need replacing. If your property is more than 30 years old, it may need a partial rewire if new building works are to be carried out. Our experienced team at Whitehall Electrical can carry out a full assessment of your property and advise you accordingly, if the fuse box needs replacing or a full or partial rewire is needed. Please do not delay in contacting Whitehall Electrical today.t


 Calling All Businesses!


As well as providing a wide range of domestic electrical services, our experienced and dedicated team at Whitehall Electrical also serves businesses within the commercial and industrial sector, providing them with a competitive and comprehensive service, including shops, factories, offices, leisure centres and colleges. Any electrical work needed, our team at Whitehall Electrical will undertake and complete to the highest of standards, from car park lighting, shop refits and office restorations to supplying colleges with Test Rigs to enable their students to complete their training. Please do not hesitate to give our team at Whitehall Electrical a call – we very much look forward to working with you. .



Safety In The Home For The Elderly.


Electrical safety is, of course, extremely important in every home, but is often overlooked in the homes of the elderly. Many of these homes do not meet basic electrical safety standards and may have, for example, out of date wiring, fuse boxes, sockets and plugs, and may be missing a smoke alarm. Whitehall Electrical Ltd can carry out a full safety assessment of the property and, if there are any safety issues, can carry out and complete any works which will be needed, ensuring the occupants of the property stay safe and independent.  .


Light Up The Dark Evenings!


Summer is over and autumn is now here and it won’t be long until the dark evenings are upon us. With this in mind, now might be the time to install some outside lighting. This could be security lighting for the front and back of your home, lighting for pathways and driveways or decorative lighting for your garden, decking or even a fish pond. It is essential that electrical wiring is installed safely outside and is checked regularly, as it will be exposed to the elements. Whatever your external lighting needs may be, why not give Whitehall Electrical a call and book an appointment? Our experienced team can sort out the electrics for you.



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