Need someone to add the finishing touches?

Our team of highly qualified technicians can work alongside any team to ensure all electrical work is completed on a building site, both big and small. We are available all year round to complete anything that may need doing. Working alongside or with other contractors is something we do on a regular basis to ensure the finished project is completed to the highest standard. After all we pride ourselves on leaving all customers 100% satisfied.


An alternative to conventional heating systems

Did you know there is an alternative to conventional heating systems? The heat pump system that our team can easily install into your home requires much less maintenance and produces little carbon dioxide. The system takes heat from the air then boosts the temperature of the accumulated air, this air can then be used to heat up water, radiators and under floor heating systems! They can even be used for air conditioning during the hotter months. This alternative to conventional systems will save you lots of money in the long run.


Looking for a team of highly qualified electricians?

Are you starting a large-scale building project soon but haven’t hired any electricians? Look no further as our team would be more than happy to help. Our team can be employed monthly by contractors or called into do smaller jobs such as update pre-existing electrical work on older properties. We even handle emergency call outs so whatever the job is in hand we always tackle it head on leaving the owner 100% satisfied with the completed job.


Making the most out of the summer months

Adding lighting to your garden will allow you to make the most out of the summer months to come. Our team can add small external lights onto walls, fencing and conservatories; all lighting is waterproof and powered by the mains so you will not have to worry about them dimming as the evening goes on. All work is carried out quickly with no mess left behind, leaving the customer 100% satisfied after every job.


Wanting your vision to come to life?

With the sunny days and warm weather fast approaching why not treat yourself to the conservatory that you have been wanting, so you can make the most of the summer months to come. Our team can also tackle both double and single story extensions or complete loft conversions on your property. This will provide you with extra space and potentially open up your home. All jobs are completed to above the expectations of the customer and our team will always give 100%.


Don't chance it

Did you know that a third of homebuyers when they purchase a property find electrical faults once they have moved in. This is because they did not get a qualified electrician in to check everything was working as it should be. Small things such as plug sockets can potentially cause a serious fire and in your new home this is the last thing that you would want. Can you really afford not to check this?


Call a trusted professional

Last year nearly 20,000 fires in domestic properties were a result of faulty electrics that could have easily been fixed. Many think they can fix faulty electrics, and in most cases, they do more harm than good. That is why it is always better to call in a qualified electrician to complete the job, no matter how simple it is. Our team undertake all manner of jobs from adding in extra plug sockets to carrying out full rewires and everything in between. Can you really afford to chance it?


Don't wait until it is too late

People overloading their plug sockets is a regular occurrence that our team see here at Whitehall Electrical. Did you know that the cause of almost 20,000 fires are overloaded plug sockets? With new gadgets and appliances finding their way into our homes more frequently it is easier to buy a extension lead than to install more plug sockets. Please, do not risk the chances of a fire starting in your home, our team install various types of sockets to any home that may require them.


Making your projects hassle free!

Having to find multiple trades to complete building and electrical work can be a hassle, which is why we have trained electricians, builders and more here at Whitehall Electrical. If work is being carried out on a commercial site, we can work around your business hours or when it best suits you, so business isn’t compromised. If your wondering what our services include please take a further look around our page for more information.


Have you considered getting security lighting installed?

With winter seeming to last forever and the daylight not staying out any longer it is the perfect time for you to think about installing a form of security lighting around your home. It could be along fences and gates, around house signs or numbers or lighting up your driveway; our team can fit security lighting almost anywhere. The days of delivery drivers not being able to locate your house will be a thing of the past!


Happy New Year!

From our team here at Whitehall Electrical we would like to wish all customers a Happy New Year. We will be on hand to help all year round with any electrical issues you may have from simple rewires to adding security lighting to the perimeter of your premises. We will tackle any job head on and always leave you 100% satisfied with the job we have completed.


Christmas lights aren't just for Christmas!

Lights at Christmas time really do brighten up the dark evening and turn them into something magical; so why not spread this magic over the course of the year? Our team can add coloured mood lighting to your garden so you can enjoy the evenings from your home. We can also add external and internal lighting with additional plug sockets, so none are overloaded. Any job you may need doing our team is on hand to help.


Dont leave it too late

With the year drawing to a close many leave major jobs to the new year, but this could mean it becoming more problematic. If your property is more than 30 years old it could still fitted with an old-fashioned ceramic style fuse-box. The older these become the more they are likely to trip out; and with Christmas around the corner this is not what you want in the middle of cooking the Christmas dinner! Have our team take a look to see if you need a fuse box change or alteration, partial or full rewire of your property, so you do not have worry more many years to come.


Protect your home for the dark nights

Our team here at Whitehall Electrical know that many people worry about their property on those dark nights. Security lighting is a very effective way of deterring potential burglars away from your property at a very affordable price. We can install security lighting along fencing or gates or along driveways and around your front doors. Solar powered systems still have their disadvantages with an unreliable power source, we offer electrically powered systems that work 24/7 come rain or shine.


Take it from our customers

Our number one priority here at Whitehall Electrical is to ensure that all customers are left satisfied once our team have completed a job. To guarantee this we ask customers to leave feedback on our team so all potential customers can take their word for it, not ours. If you head over to the ‘Testimonials’ page of our website it is filled with feedback from our customers from over the years. High quality work accompanied with the best customer service is what we do best.!


See what we have to offer!

To showcase the jobs our highly skilled team carry out on a day to day basis we have put together a ‘Recent Work’ page for our customers to see. This allows you to see the high standards all of our jobs are finished too and gives you an insight on what jobs we are able to undertake. From rewiring your home, assisting with your building work or helping you to be more eco-friendly by installing a solar power system; we can do it all!


Alternative to Fossil Fuel Heating this Autumn

Not many know that Solar Heating will save you serious money in the long run. Much like Solar PV Systems you are using sunlight which is completely free. After the installation you will get the money back on what you save from switching to Solar Heating. As well as your heating bill going down your carbon footprint will be reduced. There may also be tax incentives if you use renewable energy technology. In addition you do not need to get permission to have them installed so there really isn’t anything in your way from having them fitted.


Solar, So Good.

Did you know that having Solar PV systems installed to your home or property could cut your electricity bill by 40%? Many shy away from the idea of installing them due to the set up cost but in the long terms you get the money back from what you have saved on electricity and more. In addition they only need daylight to generate electricity, not constant sunlight like many people think. Fossil fuel led heating is becoming more expensive and this will continue as these fuels diminish. Many solar systems are also adding value to homes throughout the UK as residents want to future proof their homes. If you would like to save lots of money, then please call our team today.


Did you know we offer building services?

Most customers know our line of expertise as anything and everything electrical but with our knowledge and business ever expanding our team now offers building services. We work with you as well as any other contractor’s you may be using to project manage, ensuring that your job is finished by the set completion date. This takes the stress away from you and means that you always have your project completed above and beyond your expectations leaving you 100% satisfied.


We are the right team for you!

With countless years of experience in our field, our team here at Whitehall Electrical know everything there is to know about electrics. We complete a vast array of jobs from installing night heaters and solar panels to carrying out PAT testing on appliances to ensure they are safe to use. As our knowledge is always expanding, we now also offer building services meaning you don’t have to use many different companies at once, taking away much of the stress that comes when you are building or adding to a property. If we tick all your boxes,  call today on 01206 213457.


See what we have to offer!

From shops and factories to schools and colleges, our team offer services for everyone. With countless years of experience in their field there is nothing they cannot do. It could be simply adding extra garden lighting to your home or installing electricity to an entire office block. No job is too big or too small. We can also offer test rigs to students which allows them to finish their training. Take a further look around our website to see in much greater detail all the services we have to offer.


Is your fuse box up to date?

When buying your property did you check to see where the fuse box is or if it is in perfect working order? Many home buyers don’t and don’t know what damage it could be potentially causing. Fuse boxes installed in the 1960’s will need replacing as quick as possible as they often have a mixture of fuses, a tell tale sign is a wooden back or cast iron switches. In addition if the property you own is over 30 years old the house may need to be partially rewired due to the fuse box. Can you afford to wait to get this checked out? Its always better to be safe than sorry.


Don't wait until it is too late

Many of those in the older generation crave to keep their independence, but in the process forget to check the little things are working as they should. For example, plug sockets or fuses that seem to be working perfectly may have an underlying problem that could potentially cause harm. That is why our highly qualified team of electricians always keep up to date with the UK Safety Standards and can check appliances accordingly. So, don’t wait until it is too, get them checked.  


What is PAT Testing?

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing is a routine check to see whether your appliances could have faults that may later cause harm to you or someone in your place of work. You may not think any of your appliances need to be tested however anything from kettles, lamps or portable computer equipment may have an electrical fault that is unknown. It is better to be safe than sorry, call our team now for more information. 


Clever Little Storage Heaters

Was a storage heater installed into your home or property in the 1970s or 80s? The once ‘ugly’ heater with limited flexibility due to its small range in sizes has now been redesigned to keep up with current technology. They are now much easier to install and the process as a whole is quicker, they also come in a range of sizes meaning they can fit in any space you may have without looking obtrusive. Please call our team today to get the ball rolling.


Registration is so important

All of our team here at Whitehall being time serviced registered electricians our services are always completed to a very high standard without the worry. Registered electricians must comply with the UK national standard BS7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations). Our team are able to provide Electrical Installation Certificates or a Minor Electrical Certificate where needed; so, you will not have to deal with building control directly. When using a registered electrician like members of our team you will always be guaranteed that the job will never be completed unless its perfect for us and for you.


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