Commercial & Industrial Electrician

Industrial Installations


Our Industrial installations are completed in three phases. Firstly, the connection of the main machinery, secondly the design, set and installation of all required lighting and finally the third phase of installing multiple electrical sockets. All sockets are put in for use by industrial machinery so are designed to withstand large electrical voltage, power surges and twenty-four-hour use. Our team work with you to ensure that each phase is completed to the customers specification and around day to day operations where needed. Our work includes installation of distribution boards for large scale electrical use, upgrading lighting from old fluorescent lighting to highly efficient, low cost LED lighting. We also create emergency lighting in factories. 

Commercial Installations


Nine times out of ten a site that we are due to begin working on needs to be prepared and to save you getting another company in to do so our team can do this for you. For example, we often have to trim back forestry that is obstructing electrical wires before we can begin our work. Making sure we complete all jobs from start to finish taking into account all our customers' needs along the way is just one of the ways we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the job we complete.



Electrical Services


At Whitehall Electrical we undertake a wide range of electrical works for both new builds, older property including listed buildings and commercial properties too.


Too many people each year try to carry out electrical work within their home or property without the necessary skills to do so. The UK have enforced strict guidelines that all professionals have to follow for a reason, to ensure all accidents minor and major do not happen. So please do not risk it and get our fully qualified team to do it for you, all to an exceptional standard. No job it too big or too small for our team, it could be PAT testing appliances or simply fixing or adding extra sockets, it will be done in no time.


Please look at the electrical services page of our website, or give Whitehall Electrical Ltd a call on 01206 213457.  You can also leave a message on our Contact Page and we will get back to you.



24 Hour Emergency Callout Available.



Having the smallest electrical fault such as a plug socket not working can cause hassle that you really do not need. To help with emergency electrical issues our team offer a 24-hour call out service to help those in need. Our everyday lives simply cannot function without electricity so our team will be over to help in no time. Located in Colchester means we can cover both Suffolk and Essex, allowing us to reach the population of both counties.