Emergency Electrician Out of Hours Service 

Essex & Suffolk

Our electricity always fails us at the most important moments. We could be in the middle of winter and your electrical heating system could stop working. We could be in the middle of summer, and your air conditioning unit could decide it can’t cope. Electrical emergencies range in danger levels from high voltage exposed wiring to a house that just won’t light up. Whatever you need an emergency electrician for, you can call on Whitehall Electrical.

Domestic, Commercial and Building Electricians

Our skilled and experienced team of emergency electricians are vetted for reliability and knowledge. We offer a fast, effective solution to contract and building situations where the electricity is out of control. Whatever the commercial or domestic electrical emergency is, we will be there urgently to safeguard the situation. In over 40 years of serving customers in Colchester and beyond, we have yet to encounter an electrical problem that we didn’t have a solution for.

Noisy Electric Breaker Box

When you start to hear strange noises coming from your electricity box, it’s time to stop what you are doing and call the emergency electrician. When was the last time you had a professional look in there, anyway? Perhaps you should book a consultation, just in case.

A Power Outage

Power outages can be as simple as not having access to devices for school or wok. They can also be as intense as not having power for a respirator, or a generator, or a hospital ward. Power outage can occur through power companies, but usually it is fixable event. Whitehall Electrical are here to help, regardless of how big or small the emergency seems to the outside world.

Electrical Fires

Some broken wiring will spark and fizz, some busted outlets may even catch fire. An electrical fire can be extinguished by way of the correct fire extinguisher (that’s a Co2 extinguisher, by the way), but the damage must be fixed before you can operate any electrics in your property again safely.

Burning Smells

If your electrical outlets, wiring, or wall cavities, smell like they are smoking or smouldering, calling an electrician could save your home from fire. We are on hand and here to help.

Electrician fixing fuse board
Emergency electrician in the dark

A Highly-Skilled emergency Response Team

From on the spot fixes to electrical safety, our 24 hour emergency electrician response team will come to you, secure your home or property against the risk of electrical fires, and offer follow up solutions when the situation is safe.

Where to Find an Emergency Electrician in Colchester?

You can call us at Whitehall Electrical for an emergency electrician. You can use our online form to contact us for less urgent matters. We serve all areas of Colchester, including:

  • Stanway
  • Tiptree
  • West Mersea
  • Wivenhoe
  • And beyond

Call 01206 213457 to talk to an emergency electrician near you, today.

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